Concrete Pumping

We are a growing company that currently has a 37m X-style pump providing service for commercial and residential concrete pumping projects in Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Parksville or any location on Vancouver Island. With a 37m vertical reach and a 34m horizontal reach, our pump and truck provide the versatility to fit into tight spots and access hard to reach areas.

We are committed to providing reliable work for our customers, performed safely and quickly at competitive prices. LAST brings over 23 years of experience and a calm and professional demeanor to every commercial and residential concrete pumping project.

We provide a broad range of commercial and residential concrete pumping services including:
Boom Pumping
Concrete Slabs
Hydro Dam Foundations
High Pressure Line Pumping

Advantages to Commercial and Residential Concrete Pumping

  • A concrete pump moves concrete faster and with more accuracy than any manual method. An 8 hour job by hand can be done in 2 hours with a concrete pump.
  • Concrete can be placed exactly where it is needed and does not set before the last is pumped.
  • Pumping concrete allows for valuable labour to be allocated to other areas on site.
  • Keeps jobs on schedule with speed and increases site safety with efficiency.
  • Reduces congestion and traffic on the job site.
  • Different configurations allow the concrete pump to reach areas on site that would be otherwise inaccessible.

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